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A Sneak Peak into Meditation Fairy World

“My boys fall asleep more quickly now, sleep through the night, and the anxiety that plagued my eldest has improved immensely. I can’t thank Meditation Fairy enough!”

“My boys have always been bad sleepers, waking up several times a night and taking ages to sleep. In June, I finally gave meditation a go, both for me and for my children. We started listening to a guided meditation every evening before the kids' bedtime. After the first week, my youngest (4yo) started asking to listen to his meditation even before we began the bedtime routine!”

C. Hollings

Imagine your girls going to bed when you ask


that your son is able to manage his big emotions


And their anxiety eased so they could enjoy just being children (even in a year like 2020). 


Because at the moment, 


you turn into the Hulk every night just to get them to go to sleep,  


their emotions are all over the place and it ends up with you losing it and them on a time out,

And instead of enjoying themselves they’re wondering

how they’ll get through e-learning or 

when they’ll see family and friends before.

Luckily, you can now put your inner Hulk to rest.

Inside Meditation Fairy World 


You’ll be able to help your kids become: 


calmer, less anxious and more confident.


Just by reading them a bedtime story...

Hey, I’m Maricela, storyteller,

certified meditation teacher

and mum.

Here’s what I know. You love your kids more than anything


And you already ARE a kickass mum and human being. 


But being able to help your kids lower their anxiety, and become calmer and more confident… 


…has less to do with your parenting skills and more to do


with the tools your kids have to regulate their own emotions.


Because You can't magically disappear their anxiety or worry, they need to do it themselves. 


I remember sitting in the empty living room of our brand new house in the countryside. 


I was crying so much that my 14 month old started bringing me tissues. I had no reason to be unhappy, but that’s postnatal depression for you. 


When my son gave me a tissue and said “mama ok?”... 


...I knew something had to change. I didn’t want to become that angry, resentful mum. 


The one trapped in a constant guilt cycle of anger, shouting, regret, guilt and repeat. 


Because no matter how well my life was going or how well-behaved my son was… 


...something was always going to trigger me, I had to learn how to sort myself out first. 


Finding and practising meditation is what brought me back to my centre.


3 reasons why you should introduce meditation to your kids - especially now-

Teaches them essential skills for emotional regulation

Through meditation children learn to practice proper breathing, slow their heart rate and centre themselves in the now. 


These are all core skills to emotional regulation that they are practising each time they meditate.

Ability to identify their own anxiety or stress symptoms (and reduce them)

Meditation is also a calming technique. Through practice, children learn their “normal state” will be calm (as opposed to anxious) meaning that when something triggers them, it will become easier to identify.

Improves academic performance

(yes even during e-learning)

Covid and e-learning have massively increased kids’ stress levels. 


Stress and anxiety impairs both: 


the executive function

(decision making and focus) 


the hippocampus 

(in charge of long term memory). 


Meditation helps kids lower their stress and anxiety levels which means: 

they improve focus, memory and concentration leading to better performance at school...


(and the ability to sit still through hours of e-learning!

“My son wanted to meditate immediately after the first reading…”


"My son loved the book so much that he asked me to get another for his best friend the very next day. 


And after the first reading he asked us both to sit down in the living room with our eyes closed to find the magic door and practiced his first meditation… just as the children in the book did."

K. Alikesheva​

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    “My 8 yo daughter had trouble sleeping for 3 months. After the first night reading the book, she went straight to sleep with no issues and slept through the entire night.”
    “For months my daughter was anxious, nervous and felt very scared when going to bed.
    I had tried everything I could think of calming music, essential oils even spray mist, but nothing seemed to work. 

    Then I found this book. It has been such a blessing after the first night we read it, she went straight to sleep with no issues and slept through the entire night.

    I asked her why she felt better and she said it was because of the book, that it helped her feel more relaxed. 

    We have been reading it every night since and she has had no trouble sleeping.

    My 5 year old son also loves the book! And every night he wants to do a meditation and find the magic door!”

    Sev Lopez​

    Have a few questions?

    I’m exactly the same… so here are some answers

    What is the age range for these books?

    Are the books “How-To-Meditate” with exercises?

    How do the books help my children meditate?

    What are the benefits of meditation?

    Can children actually meditate?

    How quickly do I get access?

    How often do you include new content?

    What if it’s not my cup of tea?

    Still reading down here? 

    ​You are my reading soulmate


    I know you just want to make sure this is right for your child and help them navigate the “new normal”.


    So with that in mind, let me share some data:


    Anxiety and depression in children have continued to increase year on year.


    Heartbreaking data shows that between 2007 and 2017


    teenage and young adult suicide (10-24 yr olds) rose by 56% and suicides in children ages 5-11 doubled in recent years.


    This was pre-Covid!


    What small data there is for 2020, it's extremely troubling:


    with a report stating that children in lockdown experienced an increase of 

    22.6% in depressive symptoms and 18.9% in anxiety...


    ...after just 1 month!


    Even worse, many of the usual coping mechanisms like:


    gathering together with friends and family or being outside of the house are either off the cards or restricted.


    This means that particularly now:


    children everywhere are growing up thinking that feeling anxious and depressed is "normal".


    This should not be the "new normal" children have to live with. 


    Through meditation they can learn that feeling well and calm is their normal state of being...


    and will quickly learn the ability to self-regulate and identify if others are treating them unkindly or if something is causing them stress.


    Meditation and mindfulness can help your child experience calm, confidence and resilience


    - no matter what-


    And with Meditation Fairy World in your pocket,


    You CAN easily teach your kids meditation and mindfulness at home. 


    Because all you have to do is read them a story press play

     and have them watch or listen to wonderful calming stories that inspire them to practice meditation.


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